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Experiencing Hypnotic Regression to the Life Between Lives

Hypnotic Regression to Life-Between-Lives (LBL) requires deep trance work and sessions last 3 to 4 hours. Most individuals are fully capable of the necessary level of trance. You may be surprised how quickly your session is completed; when in trance, time becomes very elastic and non-linear. You may choose to read Dr. Newton's books in advance of your session, but this is not required.

The length of an LBL session permits enough time for the collection of relevant background information and a discussion about the technique prior to induction into the trance state. Hypnosis is not something that another person does to you without your cooperation; it is a collaborative effort. Therefore, it is essential that your mind is satisfied concerning the safety of the procedure with no nagging, lingering unanswered questions remaining prior to beginning.

People who are already familiar with hypnosis tend to enter into the hypnotic state more rapidly and with greater depth than those encountering this altered state of consciousness for the first time. For this reason, before attempting a LBL session, it is highly recommended that prospective clients first experience at least one session of hypnosis, preferably Past Life Regression (PLR), with a qualified hypnotherapist. For those that must travel some distance to work with a certified LBL therapist, it may be possible to schedule PLR session with that hypnosis practitioner the day prior to the LBL appointment.

Some have asked whether conscious entry into the spirit world through LBL can result in making our physical existence appear overly mundane and uninteresting. Without exception, our experience has been just the reverse. During the LBL session individuals derive an enhanced understanding of why they have taken birth, why they have had to face the challenges that have arisen during the course of life, and what needs of their soul are being fulfilled in passing through these experiences. Through an encounter with one's "Council of Elders" and a visitation to what some have termed "The Place of Life Selection" it is understood (through experience, not blind belief) that our present human incarnation, like those which preceded it, is a precious opportunity for spiritual evolution. As a result, people return to wakeful consciousness with a deeper commitment to live out their "soul's contract" or life's purpose. The precious opportunity for spiritual evolution in our life can now be met with excitement and understanding.

Life-Between-Lives (Spiritual) Regression is a means to consciously experience our own permanent identity and the realm in which our soul resides, while answering the fundamental questions..."Who Am I?" and "Why Am I Here Now?". This procedure requires entry into a deep trance during a single 3 to 4 hour session. LBL assists individuals in realizing themselves as spiritual beings...not through belief, but through an actual conscious experience of that heritage. As a result of a deepened perception of one's own immortal soul, values - and the priorities, emotions, and actions that spring from them - change. For this reason, before being guided into an LBL session, it is highly recommended that prospective clients first experience a Past Life Regression (PLR) with a qualified and preferably a Certified Hypnotherapist.


"It's fun because the puzzles start to connect one by one"
AR ~ Jakarta

"I feel happy to be able to open up and express my problems. Hopefully I can become a better person after this visit. Thank you Mrs. Brenda"
S P ~ Jakarta

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