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Brenda has always been amazed by the transformation of a caterpillar to a free and beautiful Butterfly and when I'm helping my clients change their lives, I feel like it is a life transformation for them.

Find Happiness

Looking for a purpose in life, mate, get rid of phobias, etc.

Increase Productivity

Improve concentration, increase talent, release energy barriers.

Bekerja Lebih Baik

Improve performance, increase self-confidence, improve health.


Learn how we can help you.

Here are various client problems that we have successfully resolved:

  • Getting rid of phobias (water, fire, height, closed room, etc...)
  • Getting rid of their habits (smoking, nail-biting, drinking alcohol, snacking, hair-pulling, etc...)
  • Managing their weight
  • Working on their self confidence, nervousness about certain things (school exams, new job, presentations, etc...)
  • Finding and understanding their life purpose
  • Finding their romance soulmates
  • Being able to sleep normally (getting rid of insomnia)
  • Improving their game (sports like golf, swimming, running, playing tennis, etc)
  • Improving Skills / Talents, Relationships
  • Working with natural healing energies in the mind with Therapeutic Guided Imagery
  • Releasing some energy blockages in certain body parts, pain management
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Guiding Meditation; especially in Forgiveness and Loving Kindness Meditation techniques, etc…

Brenda ie-McRae, CCHt PLRt LBLt

I was born and grew up in Jakarta, Indonesia. We returned to Jakarta in mid June 2009 and currently have an office in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had a hypnotherapy practice in Oceanside, California, USA for many years.

I am a Certified Regression Specialist & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist by Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) and a member of the American Certified Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E).

I am also a Certified Regression Hypnotherapist by International Association for Regression Research & Therapies (IARRT) ~ USA.

I am trained with The Newton Institute for Life Between Lives in USA as well as trained for the Body/Mind Energy Integration.

I am honored to be the pioneer in the Regression/Past life therapist in Jakarta, Indonesia prior to my relocation to USA.

I was the sole speaker at a very successful seminar in January 2004 in Jakarta which was attended by about 800 people promoting the very first Regression Hypnotherapy and had some clients who came to me for soulmate search, phobia issues, weight control and life understanding.

Among my areas of specialities are: Overcoming Phobia/Fears (of water, height, fire, closed room, etc…), Stress Reduction, Getting rid of habits (smoking, nail-bitting, drinking alcohol, sleepwalking, etc), Finding & Understanding Life Purpose, Releasing negative emotions, Improving Skills / Talents, Relationships, Working with natural healing energies in our mind, Therapeutic Guided Imagery, Pain Management and more…

I have learned meditation techniques from wonderful teachers to help me become a grounded, caring and compassionate facilitator for my clients… Lulus sebagai Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (CCHt) dari Hypnotherapy Training Institute (HTI) dan juga merupakan anggota dari the American Certified Hypnotist Examiners (A.C.H.E) yang merupakan lembaga yang mengurus perijinan praktek para Hypnotherapist di Amerika. Saya juga lulus sebagai Certified Regression Hypnotherapist oleh International Association for Regression Research & Therapies (IARRT) ~ di Amerika.

Special Book from Brenda ie-McRae

Hypnotherapy Regression - Fetal Memory & Impact After Birth

A fetus can remember his life and living conditions from the time he was in his mother's womb. How the mother and father treat the fetus while in the womb will shape the personality of a child in the future. This is evidenced by the experiences of Mrs. Brenda's clients who came to her in various life problems and after being explored in the hypnotherapy session, it was found that they experienced unpleasant events while in their mother's womb. Immediately get this book through the nearest bookstore or contact us.


Interview on NET TV

Brenda ie-McRae talks about Reincarnation on the Tonight Show with Vincent & Desta

Clients Testimonials

What People Are Saying.

What an experience, it's almost unbelievable, it's hard to believe that we can see our past lives through a journey like this. Brenda certainly has the ability and talent to take people into the tunnels of their former lives and open them up to more. Experience it for yourself and you will have extraordinary experiences from your past life to understand the present situation. Thanks Brenda

K - Jakarta

After the session with ci Brenda, there was his hikhmah (from a past life); Don't swear, don't stick especially with hatred because it will carry over in the next life and learn to forgive and accept life even though we hate people who have hurt us. Meanwhile, my child is now changing to be good and can be managed. Her emotions have subsided more ... Brenda's great dech ci I'm amazed by hypnotherapy and regressive ... salute ... after 9 years I was confused about taking care of V (child), IQ test going here and there, now it's ok.

S O - Jakarta

Thanks to Brenda, my first session made me understand my past life and what is related to this life. I hope this can affect my life in the future for the better.

B - Jakarta

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a personal journey that is different from the reality of the present which can be accepted. Although the trance level is often thought of as sleep, the client is aware of it all the time and will not escape the truth. The subject of hypnosis is simply more receptive to suggestions. This can also be done induction which is called an eye opening technique where a client keeps his eyes open during hypnotherapy. A full and deep trance level is still achievable. But what is common is with your eyes closed so you can feel more / see inside.

Is the trance / hypnosis level supernatural?

Hypnosis is natural and very ordinary, not magical or magical. Everyone goes in and out of hypnosis all day long without realizing it. An example is you driving in the morning but don't remember passing certain signs that are usually easy to spot; daydreaming while sitting in the classroom / workplace / feeling good before bed. The difference between this change in consciousness is called clinical hypnotherapy is a person who has been professionally trained in helping a client to his subconscious which can be done in various ways.

How is the hypnosis session?

A typical hypnotherapy session involves a client sitting relaxed and comfortable with their feet on the floor and palms on their laps. Of course the client may lie down if possible and if it meets the client's expectations in hypnosis. The therapist may ask, "Are you more comfortable on a hypnotic level in this chair or on the sofa?" After the client makes a decision, they actually have agreed to go to the hypnosis level. Depending on the approach used by the therapist, usually bringing the client in relaxation. Suggestion will lead the client to deeper relaxation.

Are there any risks in following hypnosis therapy?

What puts the client at risk is the lack of skilled therapists. A therapist who is under-trained can be dangerous and can lead to misconceptions about the normally comfortable and safe hypnotherapy experience.

A second risk for clients is dishonest hypnotherapy practitioners who are not only not properly trained but may even have bad intentions. These people can be detrimental to clients and other hypnotherapist professions. As explained above, clients must choose their therapist carefully and wisely before joining this therapy.

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