Janie Martin, CHt

Realize your own healing through the power of Hypnosis

Complementary Medical Hypnosis


Janie Martin, C.Ht.



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We use the term "Hypnosis" ... but it could just as well be called a "state of deep relaxation".  We use the term Deep Sleep ... but it really is defined as "allowing yourself to be deeply relaxed".


  • No one controls you
  • You will not be asleep or unconscious
  • You will not divulge any secrets
  • You will not get stuck in a hypnotic state
  • You WILL be very relaxed
  • Anyone with a normal IQ can be hypnotized
  • The only thing that will keep you from a hypnotic state is fear
  • You WILL love this experience
  • This is a state of consciousness that your body is already familiar with

What I am trained to do is to facilitate this very relaxed and pleasant experience. By allowing yourself this experience is to bring forth the wonderful healing power of your subconscious mind. When we do this, and how we do this, is to let the conscious analytical left side of your brain take a little break, much like when you find your thoughts pleasantly drifting, thus making it more inhibited.  However, the subconscious mind is more awake and focused.  Since the subconscious mind is deeper-seated and never forgets anything, we can awaken the healing power of your own mind. This is the part where changes have to be made before physical changes can take place. We assist you along with any other medical procedures you are involved in. Preparing your mind and body for any surgery or childbirth for instance, and work to help you heal faster, and experience less discomfort.

Hypnosis assists in the healing process by relaxing the body and mind.  As the body relaxes, the breathing becomes slower and deeper while the pulse and metabolic rate falls. As this happens, similar changes along the nerve and hormonal channel pathways take place.  When this takes place, sensations of pain become less acute and the awareness of unpleasant symptoms and stress can be alleviated.  In this relaxed state I can give you the healing suggestions you want.  MY ONLY ROLE IS TO HELP YOU.