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Complementary Medical Hypnosis


Janie Martin, C.Ht.



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When faced with the difficult challenges of physical illness and impending medical procedures, I work in a supporting role either in conjunction with your present medical treatments, as deemed appropriate, or I work alone concerning problems such as nail-biting, smoking cessation, weight control, etc. - without a medical referral. It is my role to compliment the medical profession. When combined with your physician's medical regimen, I can help you reclaim a sense of control over your own life, making you a more active participant in your own healing journey.



  • Aid the physician by preparing the patient for success

  • Aid the hospital or health care facility in the performance of their function to become more cost effective

  • Reduce panic and fear in the patient associated with surgery, hospital procedures and catastrophic illness

  • Teach the patient Self-Hypnosis for pain management and aid in the healing process

I can help with these challenges by utilizing the tools of hypnosis, visualization, guided imagery, Therapeutic Touch, and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils (as does Dr. Mehmet Oz, M.D. cardiovascular surgeon and author of Healing from the Heart.)  Most of these modalities are recommended by the National Cancer Institute. For example, in the case of cancer, I can assist you to control your emotional and physical reactions to cancer and other medical procedures and motivate you to mentally conquer stress and anxiety by harnessing the innate power of your own mind to manage your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual symptoms. If seen by me before your Chemotherapy, we can lessen or even eliminate the effects of Chemotherapy such as nausea and hair loss and other related effects of Chemotherapy or Radiation Therapy.

The American Medical Association and the American Psychiatric Association have approved Hypnotherapy for use by professional responsible individuals. The British Medical Association also adopted hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool in 1958, the same year as the AMA.

See hypno-surgery live

I can assist and prepare you for your healing journey with a compassionate and loving heart and prayer in your behalf, because I care.  Studies have shown that when people assist in their own healing they do much better and heal faster.